© Joe DiMaggio, Photographer  

EagleFest a Former Event

In 2001 John and Yoke DiGiorgio approached Narrowsburg, NY community leaders with the idea to establish EagleFest. Combining entertainment and education for all attending, the award winning "EagleFest" was subsequently held in Narrowsburg, NY for ten very successful years. 

Bringing in local residents and out-of-town visitors of all ages to the day's multi-faceted series of activities, EagleFest brought much deserved attention to the natural resources in the Delaware River Valley region.   

The event included:

  • multiple live bird of prey demonstrations; 
  • lectures by biologists and conservationists on important current wildlife and conservational issues; 
  • wildlife films; 
  • photography exhibits; 
  • a nature and wildlife art show; 
  • silent auction of wildlife art by regional artists; 
  • numerous programs for children; 
  • ice sculpture demonstrations; 
  • eagle viewing and much more.   

Each year the event was enhanced with new speakers and presentations providing all attending opportunities to see and experience new and interesting programs.  

EagleFest is no longer being held,  as the Narrowsburg School became unavailable to host many of the programs during the event.   


Event Footage

PART 1   © Courtesy of Anthony Ritter

PART 2   © Courtesy of Anthony Ritter 

 PART 3  © Courtesy of Anthony Ritter