Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance



 The Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance is a 501 (C)(3) not-for-profit organization.  



 Our mission: to increase awareness, understanding and promote conservation of our wildlife and the natural environment. 



To accomplish this, we are dedicated in our focus to bring awareness through our publications, educational programs, projects and events.  

Publications, Projects, Programs and Events

Nature's Newsletter

Publish a quarterly online publication, "Nature's Newsletter", to facilitate the free access and exchange of information of critical issues; to educate, inspire and empower all to take part and take action to enable all life to exist and prosper on Earth.

Project Work

Work closely with biologists, and wildlife and conservation organizations to document ecological and wildlife research on rare, sensitive and endangered wildlife and environmental issues, through photography and video, and producing short multi-media documentaries.  

Programs and Events

Work with individuals, organizations and communities on wildlife and environmental programs and events.

Our Focus, "Education Through Entertainment" is accomplished by providing enhanced programs with new speakers and presentations and providing all attending, young and old, opportunities to see and experience new and interesting programs.

© Wildlife Photographs by John A. DiGiorgio, Photographer.

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